Management solutions for HGV garages & cars

software for HGV garages

Management solution for HGV workshops

The HGV workshop management solutions developed by the SINARI Group and its subsidiaries are mainly aimed at 2 types of customers: independent HGV workshops and transport companies' in-house HGV workshops.

In both cases, the solutions on offer are the result of over 20 years of experience. As such, they are perfectly adapted to customers' needs, feature-rich, efficient and reliable. They achieve a triple goal: to make daily life easier for every employee, optimise operation and ensure traceability.

Numerous immediately useful innovations that are synonymous with added value make these management solutions unique on the market. Active reception of vehicles with a touch tablet (and RO generation) saves precious time, while the intuitive graphic scheduling tool allows users to organise their workshop efficiently. Every effort is made to help you optimise your resources, both human and material.

In the case of in-house HGV workshops, the cost and KPI analysis component is particularly powerful. Almost any type of indicator and analysis can be created to meet your needs: overall cost per km, financial analysis by activity (mechanics, bodywork, tyres, braking…), financial analysis by workshop if you have several, cost per km by truck model…

Management solution for car dealerships and garage networks

The SINARI Group also develops and markets advanced management solutions designed for garages, car dealerships and car garage networks. Highly configurable and customisable, these solutions meet virtually all needs and natively take more complex organisations into account (multi-site, multi-activity, multi-company).

This is the case in particular with WINCPL, an advanced car garage management solution. All the needs specific to each activity are taken into account to optimise its execution: mechanical workshop (active reception, graphic scheduling…), bodywork, new and used vehicle sales, stock and purchase management, invoicing, management of customer satisfaction surveys, dashboards and reporting...

Many car dealerships and several major car garage networks have chosen WINCPL due to the solution's wealth of features as well as our teams' ability to understand their needs in order to provide a 100% adapted solution.

car dealership software

Optimising management of independent car garages

The SINARI Group has several management solutions designed to meet the needs of various players in the car sales and repair sector.

One of these solutions, API Mécanique, has been developed for independent garage owners who only need one or a few workstations. API Mécanique is very simple to use and provides all the tools a small entity needs to run smoothly: a simple quoting process, automatic conversion into RO then invoice, schedule management and stock management.

The financial component makes it possible to follow the regulations. This management software for car garages also has export functions in the standard formats used by accountants.

A certain number of very interesting solutions designed to make daily life easier for garage owners make API Mécanique a choice solution, like "Active reception". With a touch screen tablet in hand, the user can inspect a vehicle with its owner to identify clearly the operations to be performed, have them approved by the customer, create the RO then include them in the schedule: a guaranteed time-saver!

API Mécanique goes even further by making it easy to manage additional services, such as any breakdown assistance activities (service order management).