SINARI Group HR policy

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Man is the only true source of wealth

Jean Bodin

Employees make all the difference

The group's success depends on the quality and diversity of our employees.

We are convinced of one thing at SINARI: that employees make all the difference, and always will.

Our employees are at the heart of our approach and represent a source of innovation and performance acceleration for our customers' benefit.

Developing value for customers begins with employee commitment.

Thus, maintaining a relationship of respect and trust, and encouraging a management style that makes room for initiative-taking, cooperation and development are the key elements of a winning relationship.

sinari group hr policy

Championing our values

We have a duty to uphold the principles and values that flow from them in our day-to-day actions and to integrate them into all acts of human resources management, throughout the employee's professional life.

Developing adapted HR process tools

The efficiency of the HR function depends on the use of adapted HR tools and processes deployed throughout the HR cycle (recruitment, integration, training, HRIS/payroll, development, remuneration, risk prevention…) in order to attract, manage and retain talent.

Promoting fulfilment

Our intention is to enable everyone to find their place in the group and feel fulfilled in their career. We must give every employee opportunities for training and development within our various subsidiaries. We want to develop mobility further and commit to dynamic career management.

Promoting well-being at work

We need to promote well-being at work as part of the fight against excessive stress, in which local management and supervisory staff play an essential role. The aim is to give meaning to everyone's work.

Investing in continuous development of management

In an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment, we aim to invest in developing management skills.

Promoting diversity

Diversity means accepting others in all their difference. Equality of opportunity is one of its main pillars. We follow a voluntaristic approach, in particular in the areas of gender equality, non-discrimination, seniors, disability…

Maintaining constructive labour relations

Sinari incorporates labour relations into its strategy. This takes three forms:

  • Allowing staff to have their say (internal opinion survey)
  • Developing a local dialogue between management and employees
  • Maintaining a real dialogue with social partners.

Our values

SINARI's Human Resources policy is aligned with the corporate strategy and is inspired by the company's 3 main values: high standards, listening and commitment.

It is based on four main principles: work-life balance, promotion of diversity and labour relations, and professional development of our employees.

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Work-life balance

  • Flexibility and partial remote working
  • Support for employees
  • Local management
  • Listening and availability of HR

Promotion of diversity

  • Culture of difference
  • Gender equality
  • Disability
  • Occupational integration

Skills development and career progress

  • GPEC (Forward-looking management of jobs and skills)
  • Mobility
  • Talent valorisation
  • Training

Sharing and dialogue

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Labour Relations
  • Implementation of collaborative tools
  • Employee survey