Integration into a complete ecosystem

SINARI Group partners

The efficiency of our solutions has enabled us to form strong partnerships.

The SINARI Group is a player in a global ecosystem of digital solutions in the value chain of the supply chain. It is through the interactions between these different solutions that we can enable our customers to interact efficiently with their customers, partners and suppliers.

Because of this, it is very important to us that our solutions are open to this chosen ecosystem of partner solutions.

Uninterrupted value chain

Our TMS software is interconnected with most of the platforms that complete SINARI's value proposition:

  • Collaborative platforms of Transport Company Groups
  • Freight Exchanges
  • Loader intermediation platforms
  • e-CMR platforms
  • On-board Computing solution partners

You are at the heart of a network of companies, and our TMS are at the heart of this interconnected network.

logiciel supply chain

Collaborative platforms for transport company groups

We are partners of all the transport company groups. We have worked with most of them to build the platforms that allow them to collaborate efficiently.

Because of this, our TMS solutions are closely interconnected with these platforms. They are therefore an integral part of the information systems of members who are SINARI Group customers, helping them gain in fluidity and efficiency.

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Freight exchanges

Freight exchanges are essential players for transport companies, helping them complete their deliveries and optimise their profitability.

They are therefore totally and intricately integrated into our transport software, in particular with corridoring.

We are interconnected with most freight exchanges.

Loader intermediation platforms

Nowadays there are many ways for loaders and transport companies to share information with each other. Obviously, our TMS products make these digital interactions possible through our portal and EDI solutions.

They are also interconnected with the main intermediation platforms with which we collaborate.

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e-CMR platform

All the mobile applications of our transport and fleet management software offer two levels of digitisation for consignment notes:

  • Certified digitisation of consignment notes integrated into our TMS tools and their mobility
  • Falsification-proof digitisation of consignment note information flows via the e-CMR solutions, designed by TransFollow, an independent player specialising in e-CMR. In particular, it ensures the interoperability of this flow beyond the SINARI Group's solutions, but also allows all supply chain players to share e-CMRs.

On-board Computing

On-board computing in vehicles is an essential element of the information system in addition to the TMS.

Firstly, because your Transport TMS, however well it performs, must be supplied with reliable, relevant, real-time data (driving times, GPS positions, FMS data, Eco-driving, assignments, consignment note….). This is the only way for you and your operators to obtain the management indicators that will help you make the right decisions in real time.

Secondly, the database of your TMS will be enriched over time, as data is collected. Thus its "intelligence" will be increasingly accurate and increasingly specific to your way of working.

Our TMS products include an on-board computing module to make things simpler for you and bring your TMS into a real-time dimension.

We have also developed interfaces with the top on-board computing players on the market in order to integrate some of their data into our TMS.

ZF transics Trimble Truck online
BK Systemes Speed wms

WMS  partner

Going beyond the SINARI Group's WMS solutions, STOCKIT and ITEM WMS, which cater to all logistics markets, for more than 10 years we have been working in partnership with BKSYSTEMS on its SPEEDWMS solution in the road freight transport sector.

The SINARI Group is thus a distributor and integrator of SPEEDWMS, a solution capable of addressing complex issues.

With all these solutions, the SINARI Group can cater to all logistics markets, from basic stock management to extremely complex issues.