Road transporters, loaders and networks: your challenges are our concerns

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A major player in IT solutions for road transport and logistics

Through its subsidiaries, the SINARI Group is a major player in the market for IT solutions dedicated to the road freight transport market, logistics specialists and loaders.

More specifically, the SINARI Group's offerings constitute a coherent and innovative response including Transport TMS solutions (transport management software, social management…), FMS (truck fleet management software), WMS (warehouse management software) and On-board Computing.

The fact of all these transport solutions belonging to the SINARI Group means we can offer a degree of interoperability that is unrivalled on the market, with 2 priorities: to keep on bringing more value to our customers and simplify their daily life.

Relevant transport solutions for every road transport and logistics player

The expertise and solutions developed within the SINARI Group allow us to respond in a relevant and global way to meet the needs of all the road transport and logistics trades: bundling, full and half loads, pallet courier, refrigerated courier, tanker, bulk, tipper truck, abnormal loads, logistics specialist... to name but a few.

For example, our solutions offering enables us to meet the needs of road transport companies of all sizes in a way that is perfectly adapted to them, regardless of their organisational structure. We have high-performance, turnkey transport TMS covering 99% of the needs of a fleet of 10 trucks or less, and custom-made transport TMS whose architecture can meet any need that a fleet of several thousand vehicles may have, however specific.

Likewise, our WMS (warehouse management software) solutions meet the needs of road transport companies that have developed a logistics business as well as those of "pure" logistics specialists.

Lastly, we have all the "related" expertise enabling us to master the entire value chain and position ourselves as a go-to interlocutor, including for transport company networks (development of EDI, charging stations…).

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Supporting loaders with adapted transport solutions

Supply Chain management (including for export) has become a major challenge for loaders. This requires a complete mastery of the planning and execution of their transport activities.

The SINARI Group develops TMS solutions that offer loaders a genuine control tower capable of monitoring their transport activity efficiently, with a quick ROI.

From planning to optimisation of transport purchases, through setting up reliable performance indicators, everything is in place to reduce transport costs while keeping flows fluid and perfectly controlled.