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We digitalize the supply chain to simplify exchanges and make it more sustainable.


2,200TMS customers

22,000connected trucks

300 employees

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Our employees make all the difference and always will

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Our employees are at the heart of our approach and represent a source of innovation and performance acceleration for our customers' benefit.

Developing value for customers begins with employee commitment.

Come and discover our HR policy, our recruitment process and all our current job vacancies.

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A leader's capacity for innovation

The SINARI Group invests more than 20% of its turnover in innovation in its software packages for our customers' benefit. This innovation is achieved in collaboration with them, but also with their partners in order to tackle increasingly complex challenges.

Innovating to increase value

A coherent 360° offering

The partner of road transport and logistics companies.

The SINARI Group is a player in a global ecosystem of digital solutions in the value chain of the supply chain. It is through the interactions between these different solutions that we can enable our customers to interact efficiently with their customers, partners and suppliers. It is very important to us that our solutions are open to this chosen ecosystem of partner solutions.

Positioning of the SINARI Group
transport and logistic solution

Our effective solutions require strong partners.

Bringing ever more value to our customers and simplifying their daily life.

A clear vision

My vision for the SINARI Group is firstly to be an industry player at the centre of the transformation of road freight transport and logistics in France and Europe. "

Sébastien Rufflé, SINARI Group Chairman

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The leader in software solutions for Road Freight Transport and Logistics.

The SINARI Group is made up of well-known, expert companies with over 30 years' experience in serving road freight transport and logistics businesses.

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