A totally coherent 360° offering

Global road transporter solution

Interoperable TMS, FMS, WMS and on-board computing solutions

Through its subsidiaries and their solutions, the SINARI Group is a provider of value without equivalent on the road transport market.

The breadth of the range of solutions offered by the SINARI Group is absolutely unique. All the management and optimisation needs of road transport companies and logistics specialists are met comprehensively and effectively.

  • Feed your order funnel with EDIs
  • Organise rounds with graphic scheduling
  • Optimise vehicle journeys intelligently (automatically taking account of the need to comply with social regulations)
  • Limit your carbon footprint
  • Develop eco-driving
  • Set up reliable and useful performance indicators
  • Manage your entire HGV workshop
  • Optimise dock management
  • Optimise warehouse management
  • Manage interactions with your customers and partners
  • Make the most of all the productivity gains offered by digitalisation

One of the advantages of the SINARI Group is that it makes all these solutions perfectly interoperable, which offers nothing but advantages. Imagine being able to supply your Transport TMS with real-time data provided by on-board computing from your HGVs. All your indicators become completely reliable and representative of reality, and it's easy to make the right decisions. This is precisely what you can do if you use one of the SINARI Group's Transport TMS programs with the SINARI Group's On-board Computing (ELIOT).

A solution for each customer

Whatever the size of your company and fleet, type of organisation (single site / multi-site, single company / multi-company…), geographical position and ambitions, the SINARI Group will be able to bring you an effective and durable solution.

From a turnkey, hosted transport management solution to a custom-made transport ERP integrated into your existing information system , the SINARI Group has all the tools and skills needed to help you respond in the most appropriate way.

We have a solution to meet each of our customers' needs perfectly, and that's another strength of the SINARI Group!

warehouse management software

Product development and deployment by industry specialists

All the technologies and innovations marketed by the SINARI Group are the work of development teams who are experts in their field and who deal with the industry-specific problems of transport companies and logistics specialists every day.

It is precisely this constant "industry-specific" immersion that enables our teams to design solutions that are appreciated by our customers, and to anticipate the needs of the market.

This dual technological and "industry-specific" expertise is also a feature of the teams in charge of deploying our solutions on our customers' premises with rigour and professionalism. Your employees will be in touch with professionals who speak exactly the same language as them and have a thorough knowledge of their daily activities.

As you can see, we make every effort to ensure that your project is a success!