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careers at the sinari group

We think recruitment is first and foremost about having things in common. So let's get to know each other.


Within the Sinari group, the Software Developer:

  • Designs the features or applications
  • Writes the technical specifications of the software with the sales team, the project manager, the product manager or the technical director.
  • Suggests technical architecture components.
  • Analyses the customer's list of specifications.
  • Develops software components or applications according to technical and/or other specifications
  • Carries out software development and application maintenance.
  • Identifies future features or improves existing ones.
  • Provides technical support in case of bugs by analysing the existing code, identifying problems and suggesting fixes/upgrades.
  • Validates and performs first level tests.
job Software Developer sinari


Within the Sinari group, the Training Support Technician:

  • Assists our customer and carries out preventive maintenance of customer equipment (proactive monitoring, updating, alerts, configuration...).
  • Receives service requests in the form of phone calls or emails, or through software
  • Clarifies the request and enters it into the software to ensure follow-up.
  • Carries out a technical diagnosis, seeks and implements the solution.
  • Checks and validates the installations.
  • Reports the information gathered to line management and the development and/or after-sales department when improvements seem necessary.
  • Identifies current or new needs and recommends the appropriate solution and/or service in collaboration with the sales department
job support sinari


Within the Sinari group, the Project Manager:

  • Provides sales support with the assistance of a sales representative : demonstrating the software, preparing responses to calls for tender,
  • During the phases prior to the start of a project, he/she carries out the functional analysis, writes and validates the requirements with the customer, trains the users to work with the various modules,
  • Steers and communicates progress to internal and external stakeholders,
  • Tests and validates the modules, puts them into production, writes the documentation,
  • Accompanying new customers at the start of their projects: ensuring regular customer follow-up in order to propose audit days or additional training.
job Project Manager


Within the Sinari group, the Sales Engineer:

  • Carries out commercial prospecting on the ground for the company and identifies new projects.
  • Carries out a detailed qualification of the customer's needs based on the study methodology or customer specifications.
  • Defines the resources required for the project in order to propose a value-added solution.
  • Supports and defends the financial proposal and carries out the necessary lobbying actions until the decision is made
  • After signature, ensures the transfer of the project to the operational teams, setting out the context, constraints and commitments.
  • Ensures monitoring of technological developments for the various solutions
  • Ensures the development of the portfolio entrusted to him/her
  • Ensures that the Sinari brand image is conveyed to customers and prospects
Job sales sinari


Within the Sinari Group, the Sales Assistant is responsible for processing customer and supplier orders, invoicing, and carrying out the necessary actions to follow up customer accounts, including:

  • Analyses and validates customer orders in the IS,
  • Follows up validation of customer credit notes,
  • Processes customer returns, disputes and complaints
  • Manages customer cancellations,
  • Prepares invoices,
  • Prepares credit note requests and ensures their follow-up,
  • Inputs supplier orders in compliance with processes,
  • Checks supplier invoices and inputs them into the IS
  • Manages disputes with suppliers