A leader's capacity for innovation

Transport TMS Innovation

The SINARI Group invests more than 20% of its turnover in innovation.

Tackling increasingly complex challenges

The Group invests more than 20% of its turnover in innovation in its software packages for its customers' benefit. This innovation is achieved in collaboration with them but also with their partners in order to tackle increasingly complex challenges.

Indeed, the world of TRM and logistics is facing significant challenges which are adding complexity to the information systems that drive profitability. These challenges include:

  • The search for profitability through optimisation with a real-time control tower information system
  • Soaring fuel costs mean the Eco-driving alerts provided by on-board computing are essential
  • Tighter controls on regulations require real-time social management alerts for drivers and the manager
  • Drivers requiring user-friendly tools adapted to truck transport
  • A consolidation of the sector requires a TMS capable of managing Multi-activities
  • Loaders' requirements across multiple platforms mean the information system is closely connected to an ever-changing environment
  • The development of your logistics activities requires a connection between the TMS and WMS components

Increasing the added value we bring
Simplifying our customers' daily life

The SINARI Group's ambition is to increase the added value we bring through our solutions and simplify our customers' daily life in order to meet these complex challenges.

We develop this value through innovation for our customers in four areas:

  1. Each subsidiary innovates with its software packages by developing editorial lines for its products in partnership with its customers.
  2. Each subsidiary integrates innovations by our customers' partners (platforms, third-party on-board computers, freight exchanges, etc.) into its products to create more value for them together
  3. The Group's subsidiaries pool the new module developments which are then integrated into their software packages, multiplying each subsidiary's capacity for innovation by four.
  4. Lastly, the SINARI Group combines the industry-specific skills of the Group to complete the offering available to the customers of each subsidiary (TMS, FMS, WMS, Social management, On-board Computing, optimisation engine…)

Involvement at all levels

groupement des transporteurs françaisThe SINARI Group is also a member of French and European bodies that work on the structuring and evolution of flows between players in the supply chain.

For example, in France we are a member of the GTF (Groupement des Transporteurs Français), and take part in writing all the messages meeting the need for information exchange between all land road transport players. Thus the GTF has formed a close relationship with national, then European and finally international bodies that are able to contribute to its work through their search for interoperability.