Bringing ever more value to our customers and simplifying their daily life

bringing value to road transport companies

My vision for the SINARI Group is firstly to be an industry player at the centre of the transformation of road freight transport and logistics in France and Europe.

Sébastien Rufflé, SINARI Group Chairman

Digitalising the value chain

We do our best to serve our customers' interests so they can respond to tomorrow's challenges in their profession.

We need to offer them management tools enabling them to digitalise the supply chain's entire value chain.

We must also equip them with the tools to guarantee complete traceability of all the flows in operation.

Digitalising the road freight transport

Innovating to keep up with a changing market

Changes in the transport and logistics market are leading our customers to grow in size and industrialise, but also to diversify. Our tools must adapt constantly in order to support them in these developments.

To respond to these challenges of diversification, consolidation and industrialisation, we are innovating in mobility and traceability, as well as round optimisation, artificial intelligence and tomorrow, the blockchain.

Making our products open to the ecosystem of other digital players is also an important part of integrating our partners' innovations.

Simplifying our customers' daily life

Going beyond this value creation, our tools must also enable us to make life easier for our customers, who are dealing with increasingly complex problems.

The SINARI Group offers the strength of a group that is the leader on its market and has investment and R&D capacities combined with the agility and proximity of the companies within it. It also has a complete range of interoperable software solutions to simplify the information system for supply chain players.

Collective intelligence, a pillar of our innovation

We work with top experts to assist transport companies and logistics specialists with their projects to transform and upgrade their information systems.

These are the people who, through their expertise and know-how, develop the SINARI group and build closer relationships with our customers every day.

Our challenge is to support our teams in developing their skills but also to encourage the development of their ability to play an active role in our collective intelligence. Collective intelligence remains one of the main pillars of our innovation and performance.

Innovation in the road freight transport

Human interaction is the keystone of the SINARI Group.

Putting CSR at the heart of our internal processes remains a top priority for the development of the SINARI Group.