Sinari Network, a secure SaaS platform that connects all actors


Sinari network

Increased collaboration

Differentiate yourself by empowering the customer

  • The information systems of each actor in the chain must be connected
  • Allow customers to have visibility of operations,
  • but also the ability to choose (products, transport conditions and costs, associated services, etc.).

Integrate sustainable development into its operations

  • Companies will integrate sustainable development into the business model.
  • Know the real CO2 cost for each product
  • Essential interconnection of the different actors in the chain.

Moving from real-time analysis to real-time implementation

  • Actors need real-time visibility to be able to react quickly to hazards and changing environments.
  • For this, these decisions must be automated and based on real-time data.

Implement a human-centered work model

  • Human resources shortage in logistics and transport requires: optimization of service times,
  • In particular by reducing waiting times thanks to shared data and reliable ETAs.

The challenges of Supply Chain digitalization

  • A growing demand from shippers for real-time transport visibility and the quality and availability of data
  • New data from customers will need to be integrated into TMS to accelerate collaboration

Impacts for carriers

  • Knowledge of the CO2 data by OT which will be exchanged
  • Real-time visibility of chartered transport

Connected information systems

  • An information system that is a source of productivity and the transition to zero paper
  • Acceleration of returns to reduce invoicing times
Sinari network digitalisation

Weaknesses and obstacles of a connected Supply Chain

Sinari networkTotal visibility of transport data to shippers

Sinari networkA multitude of specific connections to implement

Sinari networkMultiple means of connection

Sinari networkData security and ownership

Sinari networkA long implementation time

Sinari networkToo high a project cost

Sinari networkUnshared repositories

Sinari networkData to convert

SINARI network : accelerate your business

Sinari can now implement solutions available to all of its customers.

  • Pooling solutions for the benefit of all
  • Reduction for each of the costs of access to the service
  • Technological evolution

Sinari facilitates collaboration between its customers and other players in the supply chain.

  • Value generation through connected tools that facilitate collaboration between carriers, platforms, shippers, logisticians
  • Access to new services: transport agents, PDP, etc.
  • Facilitates access to your customers and charterers
  • Lower connection access costs
  • Increase your activity
  • Increase your profitability
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