On-board computing & Real-time TMS

On-board computing sinari

Simplifying our customers' daily life

The SINARI Group's TMS Solutions are connected to the majority of our on-board computing partners. These interfaces enable collaboration between two types of information system: truck telematics on the one hand and transport TMS on the other.

However, we felt it was essential to be able to give our customers the opportunity to simplify their daily life by offering more integrated solutions with fewer interlocutors.

Real-time Transport TMS

A value proposition that's unique on the market

It was with the two goals of value augmentation and simplification in mind that we brought an innovation to the market at SITL 2022: an On-board Computing/Social Management module perfectly integrated into our subsidiaries' TMS (Cofisoft, GPI, ITEM) in addition to OMP.

By mixing our subsidiary ELIOT's telematics know-how, gained during more than 30 years in the business (with more than 22,000 connected trucks already), and the expertise of the TMS and mobility teams, we can bring this unique value proposition to the market.

The advantages of the real-time TMS

It now simply enables our customers to have a real-time TMS:

  • The real-time data from the ELIOT on-board computing module is circulated to all the TMS modules to bring value to everyone in the business (Director, HR, Operators, Drivers and Workshop)
  • One point of contact and one single commitment for our customers' whole Information System
  • "Transport industry" and On-board Computing expertise for the management and success of projects over the long term
  • No TMS/On-board computing interface cost or any cost to upgrade that interface
  • Synchronous roadmaps between telematics and the TMS

We are no longer in two systems connected to each other, but rather a single global management system for the whole business. The on-board computing module is just an extension of the TMS in the truck.

This is a real paradigm shift.