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AxioRouteSince 1992, the AxioRoute suite has been developed and enriched for round optimisation and transport planning. AxioRoute is now established as a major specialist in transport and logistics issues, positioning itself to meet customer expectations in many sectors of activity in France and abroad: mass distribution, food processing and animal nutrition.

Markets: road freight transport
Solutions: AXIODIS range

Website: www.axioroute.com
Address: 14 boulevard Yvonne Poiret 49000 Angers
Telephone: + 33 02 41 79 28 92

CofisoftCOFISOFT develops and markets a complete and integrated range of management and social management software packages for Freight Transport (TMS), Logistics (WMS), Quarries and Public Works.

Markets: Road freight transport / Quarries & sandpits / Construction & Public Works
Solutions: ACS software / Carsabe software / TPS software

Websites: www.cofisoft.fr / www.acstrans.fr / www.tpsgestion.fr / www.carsabe.fr
Address: 48 avenue Marcel Lemoine 36000 Châteauroux
Telephone: + 33 02 54 27 11 12

CJM InternationalSince 1981, CJM International has been developing real expertise in management solutions for road transport companies, particularly for refrigerated couriers, tankers, containers and abnormal loads.

Markets: refrigerated couriers, tankers, containers, abnormal loads
Solutions: OPEN TMS and WMS

Website: www.cjm-international.com
Address: 22 route de Paris 61600 La Ferté Macé
Telephone: + 33 02 33 37 45 95

EliotELIOT designs, markets and deploys on-board computing solutions, mainly for the trucks of freight transport companies. A major player on its market, ELIOT equips more than 22,000 vehicles with innovative, scalable and reliable solutions.

Markets: On-board Computing for road freight transport

Website: www.eliot.fr
Address: 4 allée des Peupliers 35510 Cesson Sévigné
Telephone: + 33 02 99 83 59 00

GPIGPI's industry-specific experience, people and software make it an essential partner in the field of road transport computing. Its willingness to innovate enables it to be in constant evolution on their market.

Markets: road transport companies
Solution: Dartagnan range, GPI Parc

Website: www.g-p-i.fr
Address: 771 rue Pierre-Auguste Roiret 69290 Craponne
Telephone: + 33 04 37 22 11 88

IcareICARE is known for its expertise in garage management software. Its range of software meets the needs of garages and car dealerships, HGV garages and motorcycle garages, to name but a few.

Markets: garages for cars, HGVs, motorcycles, agricultural and garden machinery, boats
Solutions: WINCPL, API Mécanique

Website: www.icare-informatique.com
Address: 1 rue de la Faisanderie 67380 Lingolsheim
Telephone: + 33 03 88 10 31 31

it2000IT2000 develops several management solutions for road freight transport, positioning itself on the TMS Transport market as well as WMS for logistics specialists.

Markets: road transport companies and logistics specialists
Solutions: R2000W

Address: Technoparc Bâtiment A, 4 allée des Peupliers 35510 Césson Sévigné
Telephone: + 33 02 99 83 59 00

ITEM informatiqueITEM Informatique publishes and develops solutions for management and optimisation of resources, means and flows, aimed at road transport companies and logistics specialists. The main markets covered by their solutions are transport TMS, fleet and HGV workshop management (FMS) and warehouse management (WMS).

Markets: road transport companies of all sizes, logistics specialists
Solutions: EXELLIUM (custom-made TMS), ITEM TRANS (turnkey TMS), WIN FMS (FMS) and ITEMSTOCK (WMS).

Website: www.iteminfo.fr
Address: 1 rue de la Faisanderie 67380 Lingolsheim
Telephone: + 33 03 88 10 31 31

NegsysNEGSYS DEVELOPPEMENT is an expert in SAAS and hosted warehouse management software solutions. The SPIDY WMS-TMS suite equips over 87 sites. SPIDY software is designed for logistics and transport operators looking for an efficient, simple solution that's easy to implement, without excessive investment costs. SPIDY is installed on warehouses ranging in size from 600m² to 30,000m².

Markets: Shippers, e-tailers, Logisticians, Transporters
Solution: SPIDY

Website: negsys.com
Address: Espace MAURICE – 141, Avenue Marcel Castié – 83000 TOULON
Telephone: +33 01 86 53 21 41

OMPWith more than 35 years of expertise, OMP is a publisher of global solutions dedicated to transport and logistics. OMP is known for its innovative, scalable solutions thanks to its constant anticipation of new technologies.

Markets: TMS, FMS
Solution: LSO suite

Website: www.omp-it.com
Address: Technoparc Bâtiment A, 4 allée des Peupliers 35510 Cesson Sévigné
Telephone: + 33 02 99 83 59 00

Stock-itSpecialising in the publication of dedicated logistics software (WMS), STOCK-it has a wealth of experience due to its warehouse management software being used on over 200 sites.

Markets: logistics specialists / warehouse managers
Solution: Stock-it WMS

Website: https://stock-it.fr
Address: 695 avenue Paul Louis Merlin 73800 Montmélian
Telephone: + 33 04 79 71 64 00

TAS-TMS>Located in Belgium, TAS has developed a modular transport management system (TMS) that allows transporters and forwarding agents to manage their entire transportation process, from ordering to planning, tracking and billing.

Markets: road transport companies in Benelux
Solution: TAS TMS suite

Website: https://tas-tms.com
Address: Ter Waarde 73 B-8900 Ieper - Belgium
Telephone: +32 (0)57 22 17 50

XyricFor over 30 years, XYRIC has been developing management solutions exclusively for the road transport sector. As well at its transport TMS, XYRIC is a standard-setting player in transport EDI. Alongside this, XYRIC has developed a complete charging station solution.

Markets: road transport companies and road transport company networks, couriers (pallets), refrigerated couriers
Solution: PROXYLOG suite, EDI solution and charging station

Website: www.xyric.com
Address: 8 rue du Cap Vert 21800 Quetigny
Telephone: + 33 03 80 73 99 10